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Supplemental Art
Supply Program

The primary goal of The Art Village is the promotion of all art forms. We believe that art is found in many places besides art studios and art classes. To encourage and support art in all classrooms (including art classes) we offer grants to teachers of every discipline that use art as a teaching tool. Some of our recent grant recipients were a 4th grade science teacher having the students make 3D world maps to study wind and rain patterns; a 5th grade math teacher having students create models of geometric and algebraic problems; a high school art teacher using weaving to teach color distribution. These specific teachers were from Boone, Franklin, and Fayette counties.

Teachers from all Kentucky counties are eligible to apply for a Supplemental Art Grant. Wherever you live in Kentucky and whatever way you use art to teach your subject is eligible. Please click the link below to complete our grant form!

We Need Your Support Today!

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