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About US

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Our Story

The Art Village Inc was established in 2009 in Versailles, KY.   Since that time, we have grown by holding two or three art events every year. We always use the events as a way to reach every portion of our community and to encourage people to do whatever form of art they like.  We have been very happy to see business, art, education, and people who enjoy art responding positively.  2024 was our first "It take's a Village" Fundraiser, will see our 16th annual Art in the Park event and our third Christmas Open House.
The Art Village supports many activities and events throughout the year.  Each of the events are highlighted on this website.  Click the button of the event for more detailed information.

We are The Art Village because all arts reside within all other arts.

The blue, orange, purple, and pink houses in our logo cover everything from traditional fine art to music to crafts to writing to sewing to cooking to visual imaging.   The largest house in our logo, green, covers all of the ways clever, artistic people are using recycled material–a very modern and very needed art.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Art Village, Inc is to support the community through arts inspiration, exhibitions and outreach. The Board of Directors of The Art Village has set forth a broad Vision for the organization that includes:

Providing a supportive and inspiring environment for the creation of art and the support of artists of all ages and abilities.  Encouraging a cultural and social gathering in the community.

As a community-focused arts organization, we provide an opportunity for individuals to engage in creating and learning about art. Local and visiting artists exhibit a variety of media and techniques. Young artists gain exposure by displaying their work and learning about the business side of being an artist.

The Art Village encourages art in the community by supporting Kentucky artists in various events. Such as Art in the Park where Kentucky artists showcase in a non-juried format and all forms of art and craft. Although our main goal is to support many different forms of art, we additionally encourage community involvement and participation. The Art Village sees art as an opportunity for various groups to work together for the benefit of the entire community.

Helping Hands
Image by Jené Stephaniuk

To help us continue our mission...

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